Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ran 2.5 miles again

My wife and I started our workout about 10 am this morning. We parked at the 100th South parking lot and went north, taking the old route through the golf course and towards the light at 90th South and 7th West. We didn't quite get to the light, and that will be our target the next time we increase our distance. I took one short rest break on the way out and one on the way back, at the bench in the Sandy City golf course. There were quite a few people using the path, but they were on bikes, skates, scooters, or walking and pushing baby carriages. I only remember one other person running. Of course, since today was a work-day for many people, most of the people we saw were stay-at-home moms, young kids, and older persons. I forgot to bring my run/walk timer, so I estimated each phase.


  1. Run/walk timer? It would be a distraction and spoil the enjoyment of a run for me if it was forever breaking in on my thoughts. I recently came across this quote which you'll heartily disagree with!
    "You don’t run against a bloody stop watch, do you hear? A runner runs against himself, against the best that's in him. Not against a dead thing of wheels and pulleys. That's the way to be great, running against yourself. Against all the rotten mess in the world. Against God, if you’re good enough".
    Bill Persons

  2. That's a good comment! I alternate running and walking, and the timer is useful to tell me to change my pace. I tend to tune out the beeping, and sometimes I run or walk longer that I should, and sometimes the pitch of the beeping sounds like a bird and I don't make the change. I've found that the beeping doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of the run. I've gotten used to it. I used to count steps, and that really did affect my thinking.

    I'm too much of an engineer to not have some means of measurement. Right now, I'm running and walking for 30 seconds each, and that means to my engineering mind 30 seconds. Not 29 and not 31. :)