Monday, October 6, 2014

Today was a beautiful day for running

My wife and I left home about 9:30 am and drove to the 100th South parking lot. We went south and returned, for a total distance of 2.5 miles. There were a few cyclists, walkers, and one skater on the path. I don't remember seeing other runners.

Fall is the time I enjoy most during the year. The leaves are starting to turn. Nights are cool but daytimes are great! There are still quite a few ducks in the river and geese in nearby fields. I didn't see any quail this morning, though.

The following view of the Jordan River trail, taken from the web, is in West Jordan City, the next town north of where I run. The picture doesn't show any leaves turning, but it is typical of where I run.

Most of the trees along the river are Russian Olive trees. They aren't native to the area but are everywhere. The next picture, taken from the web, shows a closeup of the trees and the small green berries that grow on the trees.

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