Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ran/walked 1 mile and then later walked 0.7 mile

I'm probably not fully recovered from yesterday's run, so today I reduced my distance and ran/walked 1 mile, going South along the Jordan River. I'm still using a run/walk ratio of 30 seconds/40 seconds. The temperature during my run was in the 50s (F). Later, I tended two grandchildren for 4 hours, and my granddaughter and I made one loop around the block, going down the canal road instead of a nearby street and slightly longer than yesterday. I walked and she drove the jeep around the block.


  1. Alan

    I have to tell you that you are inspiring - I ( a 68 YO man who started running 15 months ago) have been quietly following your blog for some time now. I see lots of running blogs that last for a short while and then suddenly become inactive - but yours keeps on going on!! :) I completed the C25K programme last year , and have been doing Jack Daniels "Training for Fitness" plan. I am running in a 10K Race this weekend - and have decided after this that I will give away speed and tempo workouts for a while and concentrate on getting some "volume" into my running - so I will start on your "Intermediate plan"

    Thanks for the inspiration - I am INTENDING to follow in your tracks and continue running until at least your age as well :)

  2. Great job on the blog and your running.
    I would like to interview you about your running blog for a magazine article.
    Please contact me if you would be interested.

    Contact: Clint