Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ran/walked 1.7 miles and then later walked 0.7 miles

Rain and/or snow is predicted for this evening and tomorrow, and we had wind gusts up to 30-40 mph in preparation for the storm. It was difficult running against the gusts, so I walked most of the 1.7 miles. I did run between gusts. Later in the afternoon, my granddaughter drove our jeep around our neighborhood. She didn't like facing the wind gusts, but she enjoyed having the wind at her back to help push her. On my way back from the 1.7 mile route, the wind was at my back, and it was hard to control my pace, because the wind kept pushing me faster than I wanted to go. The sun was shining when I began the 1.7 miles, but towards the end, a lot of dust was carried by the wind, and I couldn't see the mountains that were just a few miles away. The rain came about 7 pm. Not heavy rain, but still, rain.

I learned this evening of the death of a friend, Norm. He is three years older than me. One never knows.....

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