Saturday, April 18, 2015

Great weather today. Nice funeral.

Today was a warm, cloudless day. Great for generation of solar power, and great for the graveside part of the funeral. The funeral, held in a church building next to a campus of the Salt Lake Community College, was long (2 hours), but all seven of the man's children spoke and told reasons why they were glad the man was their father. Also, the Bishop (pastor) spoke, and a church leader (LDS), who was a close friend, spoke. After the service, I took red grapes to a different church building that was host to a dinner for family members and relatives of the man, as my contribution to food for the dinner. The dinner was held after the graveside part of the funeral. The man who died was my neighbor and a former governor of the state of Utah.

The following picture, of a typical Mormon funeral, was taken from the web.

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