Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ran 1.7 miles again

I started running about noon, going south from the parking lot at 100th South. I forgot my 2-phase timer, so I estimated my run/walk cycles. I felt pretty good, and I ran longer than the 15 seconds I've been running. The temperature was in the mid 70s (F), and it was a nice day to be out. My wife and grand daughter stayed home, sewing, and didn't go out; they walked a mile later in the evening.

Yesterday, I was replacing a head on my water sprinkler system, and I saw two quail come across the street and walk into the bushes in front of my house, My wife saw the quail a few days ago. This is the first time we've seen quail near our house. My neighbor a few houses way feeds the birds, and she has several wild ducks who like to come to her lawn.

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