Thursday, July 23, 2015

Increased my distance a bit to 2.1 miles

I ran/walked 2.1 miles this morning, and my wife walked 2 miles. I took only one rest break which was at the south end of the Sandy golf course (after 1.1 miles). I felt fine when I stopped at the bench, but I got tired on the way back. However, I continued moving and didn't stop until I was done. I passed one other runner on the trail and a lot of cyclists. No walkers, though. We started our run/walk about 10 am, later than I would have liked but early enough that there was still shade on much of the path. The temperature was in the mid to high 70s (F). I drank about 1-3/4 cups of water during my run, taking a nice gulp every two or three walking phases.

The following picture of a cyclist on the Jordan River Parkway was taken from the web.

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