Thursday, November 12, 2015

Increased distance and ran/walked 2.7 miles

My wife and I went south from 100th South. She walked 2.6 miles and I ran/walked 2.7 miles. I felt fine and only took one short rest stop (on the way back) at 2.2 miles. Not many people were on the path. A couple of walkers and 2 or 3 cyclists and 7 runners (in two groups). We were out about 10:30, and the temperature was in the mid 40s (F). I think the reason I felt fine this morning was due to my getting more sleep last night. The sky was mostly clear and sunny, and the sun felt good. There were wind gusts of about 10-15 mph, but the wind was mostly gone. I wore three layers, and my outer layer, my nylon wind breaker, did a nice job of cutting the wind.

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