Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ran/walked for 20 minutes

I drove to the South Jordan rec center and ran/walked for 20 minutes, about 7 laps. I went to the rec center, because the Salt Lake valley has had an inversion for the past week, and the air outside isn't healthy.  I don't know if the rec center has filters on the incoming air, but if not the air inside the center is just as unhealthy as the air outside. I'm looking forward to better outside do I can return to the Jordan River Parkway. I'm in no hurry to increase my distance back to where it was a month ago. I'll just increase the distance a small amount every week or two (the 10% rule, which for me is a 5% rule).

My knee feels fine. I've been able to walk and jog with no soreness, but the knee has been slightly sore when I first get up from sitting a while. However, yesterday and today, my knee felt fine when I first got up and continued to feel fine as I walked around and as I walked/jogged at the rec center. I've been using Arnica for muscle pain, Ruta for tendon injury, and Rhus Tox for pain that decreases as I move around.

The following picture was taken from the web and is how I picture old age and running.

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  1. Hahaha that was really good job by u sir. sure this inspired me and i ll make my father to do the same or almost the same like you. i hope this ll make him good and healthy. thnx for the sharing :)