Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another 1.5 miles

Today was a wonderful day to be outside. The temperature was in the mid 60s (F), and there was no detectable breeze; just a great day to be outside.

I didn't run last week, because I came down with a cold. This cold was, I believe, due to a lack of sleep. I got about 5-6 hours during the night, but I was careless about taking afternoon naps to bring me up to 7 hours. When I was younger, I would run through colds, but as I get older, I don't run through colds anymore. Being older, I don't have as much energy, and I'm letting my body focus on getting rid of the cold instead of moving me another mile or two. My cold is almost gone, and I feel fine, so I went running this morning. I included some jogging in my walking by jogging about 20 seconds and then walking for a while. When I finished, I was jogging 40 seconds and walking around 60 seconds.

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