Saturday, April 23, 2016

Shin splints

My daughter has been doing some walking, but she recently complained of pain in the front part of her lower leg. That area is known as the "shin" and pain there, known as shin splints, is a common problem with walkers and runners. Shin splints are an "over use" injury, meaning that the shin muscles aren't used to the amount of stress they are given. I told my daughter to do "furniture lifts" to help strengthen the shin muscles. I hope she will do those or similar stretches to strengthen her muscles. If she doesn't, the pain might get worse and lead to a more serious injury. Furniture lift stretches are described in my training blog at Walkers tend to not do stretches, because they believe their walking won't cause problems with their muscles. However, they are wrong in thinking this, because any activity causes stress, and stress leads to pain, and pain leads to injury. Stretch exercises reduce the tension and strengthen the muscles.

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