Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Different route but did 2 miles

As I usually do, I started on the Jordan River Parkway from the parking lot at 100th South. But, instead of going South I went North (It's been several weeks since I took that route). I increased my jogging by 10 seconds and used a ratio of 60:60 (seconds) for jogging and walking, respectively. I drank some water before I left, but I got thirsty while on my run, and I expect I was dehydrated. I've been assuming that I didn't need to carry water until the temperature was in the 80s (F), but today the temperature was in the mid 70s, and I needed more water. So, I think I'll use the mid 70s for my decision to carry water or not.

On the way back, I stopped and talked with two ladies who were walking and pushing the grand daughter of one of the ladies. I had passed them on my way out, and I was glad to see them on the path while on my way back. They noticed the lower parts of my legs are brown, and they asked about that. I told them it was a natural thing for people using Warfarin for blood clots but that I had stopped Warfarin and was on Eliquis which doesn't discolor ones legs. They were surprised when I told them, in answer to a question, that I was 81 (well, I'm really 80, but I'm closer to 81 than I am to 80). They thought I was in my mid 70s. It's too bad my body doesn't act like I'm in my 70s so I could go faster and farther. Oh well, we each do the best we can. At least, I'm outside getting exercise. The following picture shows the discoloring of ones legs and was taken from the web. In my case, though, the coloring is a darker brown, and the discoloring extends into my feet. Also, the line between the brown color and the natural skin color is more pronounced.

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