Monday, May 2, 2016

I added a bit and jogged/walked 1.8 miles

I ran in the late morning. When I started, my body and legs felt fine so I jogged as well as walked. I jogged for 30 seconds and walked for 60 seconds, alternating this sequence. After I had been doing this sequence for a few minutes, my left knee began to feel tight. I did an additional 60 seconds of walking, and the knee then felt fine. I continued alternating jogging and walking. Later my right ankle felt weak, and I did an additional 60 seconds of walking. Both the tightening of my left knee and the weak feeling in my right ankle were, I believe, indications that my body wasn't fully warmed up. It takes about 2 miles to warm up, and I had gone only about a mile. The extra time for walking gave my body additional time to warm up.

When I reached the bench at the turn-around point I had used last week, my body and legs felt fine, so I continued down the path to a new turn-around point that I had selected. However, after I had turned around and was approaching the bench that was my turn-around point last week, I started to feel tired. But, my legs felt fine, so I continued up the path without stopping at the bench.

Today was a great day to be outside. Mid 60s (F) in temperature, no wind to speak of, and a number of walkers, runners, and cyclists on the path.

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