Monday, June 20, 2016

2 miles with more jogging

The temperature today was in the 90s (F), so I waited until evening to go out. The shade temperature when I left home was 88. Because of the setting-sun, there was a lot of shade of the path, especially on the way back. I didn't carry water, but I had a good drink at the parking lot when I first arrive there and another good drink when I finished my run. I added 10 seconds of jogging giving me a ratio of 80:60 seconds, jogging:walking. I think I will stop increasing my jogging and will go for a longer distance, beginning with next week. I'll keep the 80:60 ratio and go to a distance of 2.6 miles (there is a bench at the 1.3 mile point which will make a good turn-around point.

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