Thursday, June 2, 2016

Another 2 miles, again

I used my 60:60 (seconds) ratio of jogging and walking and went South for a total of 2 miles. I only took one brief rest stop going out and one brief stop coming back plus a brief stop at the turn-around point. When I ran on Tuesday, I took only a brief stop at the turn-around point (there are fewer benches on the northern route). Today, the shade temperature was in the mid 80s (F), and I carried two cups of water. I felt fine during the run. The sky was a mixture of sun and haze.

On my way back, I talked for a few minutes with an older guy who was on a bike. I had talked with him last week when he was running. He turns 71 this month. We both feel that we live day by day and do the best we can. Some days are great and some days aren't. We take them as they come.

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