Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Another repeat for 2 miles

I followed the same route and the same ratio as last time. The temperature was in the mid 89s (F), so I carried water. I've been carrying two one-cup bottles, but today I carried three bottles since the temperature was expected to be high (I drank 2 1/2 bottles). The wind was blowing all day (gusts up to 20 mpg or so), and that reduced the effect of the heat. It was hard running and walking against the wind, but nice on the way back to have a tail-wind. I saw quite a few people on the path, including several policemen and one policewoman from the nearby academy. The police people do their timed runs on the path, but the ones I saw today were running training runs. The men all called me "sir" which was strange, so I looked at their t-shirts as they passed and saw that they were from the academy. They all wore blue shorts and gray t-shirts, which is the academy running uniforms. In the following picture, which was taken from the web, not all the cadets are wearing the "uniform" that I saw today and have seen in the past. Also, they are on a track instead of on the Jordan River Parkway.

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