Saturday, June 18, 2016

Another 2 miles plus a lot of sweat

Today was a nice day for running, but it was hot, in the high 80s. There was a slight breeze blowing (gusts of 10 mph) which helped with the heat. I only had four hours of sleep last night, and I wasn't expecting to go very far, but I felt fine and continued running until I reached my normal turnaround point.  Once I was there I had no choice but to jog/walk the mile back to my car. I carried no water but felt fine during my run. I was glad, though, for the fountain in the parking lot next to my car. I used my normal ratio of jogging and walking of 70:60 in minutes. I'm not sure why, but it is common for me to feel pretty good after a night of insufficient sleep, and then in a day or two I feel the effects of lack of sleep. I think it may be related to my body condition prior to getting insufficient sleep. I took a several hour nap this afternoon and feel fine this evening.

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