Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Repeated the 2.25 mile run

I used the same route and ratio as I did on Monday and repeated the 2.25 mile run. The temperature was in the mid 80s (F) when I left home, and it was hot. I carried 3 bottles of water (1 bottle = 1 cup) and drank it all. There wasn't much shade on the path, because I jogged/walked in the mid afternoon, but I was glad for the patches of shade here and there. When I went from the sun to a shady spot, I could feel the difference. It was a relief to get a few seconds of shade. I took longer sitting breaks to help me recover from the heat. I drank all of the water I carried, and I also took drinks from the parking lot fountain before and after my run. I didn't see many people on the path (they had enough sense to stay out of the sun), but I did see a few people.

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