Monday, July 25, 2016

I only went 1.5 miles today

My wife and I have three grandchildren staying with us for a couple of days, and we're planning on taking them to the South Jordan rec center for swimming. A cool swim is nice on hot days! While the kids are swimming, I will jog and walk around the indoor track at the rec center, and I will do 1.1 miles, giving me 2.6 miles for the two days. This is the reason I went a shorter distance today. Also, if I don't work out at the rec center, I can use a rest-week. I haven't had a rest-week in quite a while. For younger runners, rest-weeks are usually about half of a normal week. For us older runners, rest-weeks are what ever is needed to recharge ones body.

While I was resting on a bench on the way back, a walker in her mid 60s stopped and talked with me. She has seen me several times on the Parkway path, and she wondered how old I am. She was amazed that I'm still running. Her mother, who is about my age, walks the path, but she uses a walker. I told her I don't go as fast or as far as I used to go, but that I'm still running because I enjoy it.

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