Monday, September 26, 2016

Ran and walked 1 mile on the Jordan River Parkway

My wife and I drove to the Parkway, and we went north from the trailhead at 100th South. She enjoys seeing the houses being built, and I enjoy the smooth asphalt trail. I'm a natural shuffler, and I have problems with rocks and other obstacles, like uneven sidewalks, on the trail. I had my timer set for 80 seconds running (actually, a jog) and 60 seconds walking. These are the settings I used before my pacemaker was installed, and I used the settings today. I felt pretty good at the end of the run. Going from 0.62 miles to 1.0 miles is a big jump, bigger than I usually make. Since I'm going back to my distance before the pacemaker was installed, I thought I'd make a big jump. The temperature during my run (in the morning) was in the mid 60s (F), and it was a great day to be out!

It was nice to be on the Parkway again. One advantage of not running around my neighborhood is that if I go out and back, I have no choice but to return all the way back. For today, for example, I turned around at 0.5 miles and had no choice but to go 0.5 miles back to my car. If I'd gotten tired on the way back, I would have walked the remaining distance, but I still had to go 0.5 miles back. If I run around my neighborhood doing shorter loops, if I get tired, I can abort the run and go home, thus doing less distance on the way back. Of course, if I get really tired, I may be happy to abort the run. One "problem" that I'm encountering is that I feel fine when I reach the turnaround point but get tired on the way back, and I have no choice but to walk back to my car. If I feel tired before I reach the turnaround point, I abort the run by going back prior to reaching the turnaround point.


  1. Allen, Glad to see your back to your jogging prior to the pacemaker.
    All the best

  2. Hi Jim, thanks for your comment! My doctor said the pacemaker shouldn't interfere with my activities, and I'm finding out that he is right. It's been six weeks since the pacemaker was installed, and my surgery is healed and the pacemaker is working fine. I am getting 1-2% more oxygen than I was getting before the pacemaker. I guess the pacemaker is keeping my heart functioning correctly, and my heart is pumping a bit more blood to my body than it was before. One thing I like about running is that it automatically puts me into the deep-breathing mode, and that gives more oxygen to my body. I normally run 90-92% OXSP, and by deep breathing I'm able to raise the OXSP to 94-95%.