Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another great day, and I jogged/walked 1.5 miles

The shade temperature was in the low 60s (F), and the sky was mostly overcast. I wore long pants and a long sleeved T-shirt to keep warm, but I was over dressed and was starting to sweat when I finished. I did 1.5 miles, and I will do that same distance for a couple more runs. Then, I will jump up to 2.0 miles.

There were quite a few people on the path today. Several runners and walkers, and several cyclists. One cyclist passed me going the opposite direction, and said "keep it up" as she passed. A few minutes later she caught up with me and slowed down and asked my age. I told her "81" and she said it was wonderful to see me on the path. I felt pretty good during my run, and I appreciate her kind remarks. Her remarks help me to be motivated to get out every other day.

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