Monday, December 26, 2016

Did 1.64 miles today, all walking

The temperature was 31 (F) when I left home and drove to the Jordan River Parkway. I walked 0.83 miles and then turned around and walked back. The trail was icy but OK for walking. I wore 4 layers and felt fine, except for my hands. I brought a pair of gloves with me but forgot to put them on when I left my car. After my hands were cold, I put them in my jacket pockets, and the warmed up. There was little breeze, so walking felt about the same going both directions. I wanted to do some running, but with the ice on the path I felt walking was safer. I was out in late afternoon, and the sky was overcast most of the time. I did get a bit of sun on the way back, but it was later afternoon sun. I didn't check the temperature when I got home, but it was around 28 or 29 (F).

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