Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Did another 1.64 miles

Today was a "yellow" day (voluntary things to reduce pollution)], so I went to the Jordan River Parkway and went south. The path had been plowed, but there were patches of ice on the path, and lots of water puddles. I tried to use the 80:60 seconds ratio that I've using, but I also avoided much running on icy sections of the path.

I saw three feral cats eating food brought by an older man who lives nearby. I stopped to talk with him, and he said he feeds the cats every day, regardless of the weather. He said the cats do pretty good during the summer catching birds and mice, but in the winter they need the food he brings to them. They were friendly with him and let him pet them, but they ran away when I approached them.

The temperature when I returned home was 35(F). I wore 4 layers, plus the warmer gloves, and I felt fine.

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