Monday, December 19, 2016

Increased distance a small amount to 1.25 miles

The temperature when we left home was 20 (F). My wife and I went to the South Jordan rec center and ran or walked laps around the indoor track. I don't mind going outside in the cold, because I put on more layers to keep warm. My wife, however, doesn't like the cold, and the rec center was a good compromise. Also, there was a haze over the valley. This is the time of year in which inversions yield poor air-quality. The Salt Lake valley is a bowl with mountains on all sides of the valley, and we usually have poor air during the winter months. I haven't heard the official rating for the day, but I'm guessing the day was a yellow day, meaning there is smog, but it isn't life-threatening, i.e. use your judgment about going out.

The following photo was taken from the web and shows the Salt Lake valley with serious smog. The haze in the picture is probably worse than the haze experienced today.

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