Monday, January 9, 2017

Did 2.0 miles

Today is a Green (no restrictions) day, so my wife and I drove to the Jordan River Parkway and went south. We both went 1 mile out and 1 mile back, for a total of 2 miles each. The sky was mostly cloudy, but the sun did peek out on the way back, and the warmth of the sun felt good. The air temperature was in the low 40s (F), but there was a south wind of about 15 mph. This wind made running hard on the way out, but it was a tail wind on the way back and made running easier. I saw two runners and one walker on the path. Both runners were in shorts and had no wind breakere, so they probably were cold. However, they both were going much faster than I was going, and their speed probably helped to keep them warm. My nylon wind breaker (uninsulated jacket) did a great job of increasing the chill factor of the wind.

The ducks, who use the path in the winter, don't have very good bathroom habits, and it was almost impossible to avoid their poop on the path. I just ran through the poop and didn't worry about my shoes. There were a few icy spots on the path, and a lot of wet spots, but the path was mostly dry and nice for running.

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