Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Did 2.2 miles

Today was an Orange day, and the air is pretty bad. I went to the South Jordan rec center and ran and walked 22 laps on the indoor track. Hopefully, the air inside the rec center is filtered and thus better than the outside air. An Orange day is mandatory regulation of smog-producing activities for those who are sensitive to bad air. As far as I know, I'm not sensitive to bad air, but since the rec center is available, and my health insurance reimburses the full cost of the center, I go there when the air is bad. 2.2 miles isn't quite far enough to get the 10,000 steps that are recommended by doctors, but I'm slowly increasing my distance. By the time I get to 3 miles, I will be getting my 10,000 steps.

Here is a picture, taken from the web, that shows the bad air in Salt Lake City due to an inversion. I'm not in Salt Lake, but the bad air extends the full length of the Salt Lake valley. Inversions are caused when a layer of cold air is on top of warmer air, keeping the air in the warmer layer from going into space. The trapped air thus gets worse and worse. Snow is predicted for Thursday and Friday, and that should cause the inversion to disappear, although it will be back in a few days. Later in the Spring, the temperature will be warmer, and the inversions that caused the bad air will stay away until next winter.

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