Monday, January 23, 2017

Started a new week with 2.4 miles

Today is a Green day, and normally we would go to the Jordan River Parkway to walk and run. But, a front is predicted to pass through the area about noon today, and further snow flurries are predicted, along with a drop in temperature. So, my wife and I elected to go to the South Jordan rec center and do laps around the indoor track. I added 2 laps and did 2.4 miles (24 laps). I will continue the 2.4 miles for the rest of the week to allow my body to start to get used to the new distance. There were snow flurries and light rain during the morning, but the flurries  and rain have stopped. The sky is still overcast, though. The Green days are predicted to last during the week, but the temperature is predicted to be below freezing. Thus, I'm not sure if we will go to the rec center on Wednesday or to the Parkway. I have a Dentist appointment tomorrow, so it's good that I ran and walked today.

Later: it's snowing again.

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