Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ended the rest-week with another 1.5 mile run/walk

I've been doing 1.5 miles as a rest distance, and I completed another 1.5 miles this morning. Today is a Green day with no restrictions, and it was nice to see the Wasatch Mountains as I ran and walked along the Jordan River. It was also nice to be back on the Parkway path instead of the rec center. The sky was mostly cloudy, but there were moments of sunshine. While I was completing my run and on the drive home, I felt a few drops of rain, but it didn't amount to much, and the sun was out by the time I reached home, and it has stayed out most of the day. The shade temperature right now is 51 (F). Judy didn't go to the river with me, because she went to Salt Lake City to help a cousin by giving her a ride to the hospital to see the husband of the cousin.

I saw an old man running on the path. I didn't have a chance to talk with him, but he looked older than me.

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