Saturday, May 27, 2017

And, another 1.2 miles again

I went running in the early to mid afternoon and completed another 1.2 miles. I felt strong during the run, and I was not dizzy during or after the run. Today was a beautiful day to be out. Lots of sun and no clouds, and the temperature was in the 70s (F). I had gone about 1/8 mile when my nephew and his family came by on their bikes. They stopped, and we visited for a few minutes.  When I left the trailhead at 100th South to go south on the Parkway, there were people with cameras and balloons at one of the tables, but the people were gone when I returned about half an hour later. The fountain at the parking lot was still not working, and I brought 1 cup of water to the run. I drank half of it before I started running and the other half when I finished the run.

The following picture is of the Parkway, about 1/3 mile south of 106th South. It is about 1.3 miles from 100th South to the bench shown in the picture. The picture was taken from the web.

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