Saturday, July 1, 2017

Did 1.5 miles again

My wife and I went walking and jogging in the late morning. I carried 8 oz (1 cup) of water, but it wasn't enough. I got dizzy a bit on the way back, due to the heat, but it wasn't bad enough to cause me to abort the run. I went north from 100th South to catch what was left of the morning shade. We finished at 11 am, and it would have been nice if we were out an hour earlier -- more shade and less heat due to the shade and lower night-time temperature. After we got home, stopping on the way back at Home Depot while Judy purchased some manure for her garden, I took an hour nap. I didn't feel any dizziness during the rest of the day.

During the nighttime, due to the darkness and my waking up from a sleep, I have felt a small amount of dizziness, and I use my cane to provide stability while I go to the bathroom to relieve myself. During the daytime, I haven't been using the cane because I haven't felt dizziness, and I'm able to conduct normal daytime activities, such as mowing my lawn, moving around the house, and shopping. I am trying to drink extra water during the day and nighttime, to keep my body hydrogenated. I prefer running in the morning, because I feel stronger and have energy from supper the night before. I do require more rest breaks during heavy activities, such as mowing my lawn, than I used to require. I remember that a few years ago, I could mow my lawns in 45 minutes. Now, it takes a couple of hours.

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