Monday, July 10, 2017

Did 1.6 miles

I was on the path at 11 am, later than last week, but today was a bit cooler, and I did OK thanks to clouds blocking the sun. The air temperature during my run was in the mid to high 80s (F). I felt pretty good when I reached the 0.75 marker, so I went a bit further, doing 1.6 miles for the round trip. Clouds blocked most of the sun during my run, but the sun was shining on the path during the last 0.4 miles, and I walked most of the 0.4 miles. I carried 2 bottles of water and drank it all, taking the last one or two gulps of water after I was back in my car. On the way back, I took a long rest break at the table which is 0.4 miles from the parking lot, and I took a shorter rest break at the bench which is about 0.2 from the parking lot. After my long break at the table, I felt a few seconds of being dizzy while walking, and I took deep breaths to get more oxygen. That deep breathing seemed to help. Even though the temperature was lower than I had expected, the relative humidity was higher, and it seemed "muggy"; scattered showers are forecast for the next day or so.

My wife Judy walks faster than I do, and she went further than I did. She enjoys looking at the houses that are being built next to the path,  and she wishes she could go through the houses.

A woman on a bike called me by name as she went by and said, "I know you". It turned out that I used to tune her piano. She lives about a block from my house.

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