Saturday, July 15, 2017

I did 1.6 miles again

The temperature during our run was in the low to mid 80s (F). My wife and I were on the Jordan River Parkway trail about 10:30 this morning. This is a bit earlier than I've been out for the past few runs. I felt stronger and didn't get dizzy at all. I carried 3 bottles of water and had about half a bottle left when I finished my run. When I was younger and stronger, I would  drink a bottle each mile. Now, I need about one bottle and a half every mile. If it is really hot, I'll drink more water and use two bottles each mile.

One of the houses that we go by is going to be in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes later this month,  and my wife likes to check on the progress being made. In the past, we've seen a man putting in a sprinkler system. Today, we discovered the path to the house has been paved, and the landscapers are planting trees; some of the trees are pretty tall. The person buying that house must have a lot of money, because of the big house and expensive landscaping. The following picture is from the web.

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