Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I did 1.65 miles

My wife and I started our runs earlier than we've been doing. I was on the path at 9:10. The temperature was in the high 70s, and the sky was mostly cloudy. My wife went north from 100th South to check out the houses being built, and I went south; I ran to the bench at 0.825 miles and then returned. I carried 3 bottles of water and had about 1/2 bottle left when I returned to my car. I haven't used the southern route for two or three weeks, and it was nice to do that route again. I'm still using my ratio of 80 seconds/60 seconds for my run/walks. I saw quite a few cyclists on the path, but only a few runners and walkers.

Utah is currently undergoing a heat wave. News summaries yesterday said the state is giving fans to senior citizens to help them keep cool. In my case, I'm still jogging and walking in the heat wave. I'm drinking extra water and going shorter distances. We've had high 90s (F) and low 100s for several weeks.

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