Thursday, August 31, 2017

I'm Still Out There... Did 1.9 miles again

Same time and route as in previous posts.

There were quite a few cyclists heading for home, and a number of walkers, but I don't remember other runners.

One walker had a dog that was only four months old but was quite large. After two years, the dog will be fully grown, and the dog will be huge. I wished the guy good luck with his dog; he will need the luck, because the dog, when fully grown, will probably eat large amounts of dog food....

I saw another walker who had cat food and regularly feeds the cats I see on the path, and one of the cats was following him and allowed the guy to pet the cat. In the past I've tried to call the cats I see on the trail by saying "meow", but they won't come near me. I guess that if I want to pet the cats, I should regularly bring cat food and entice them to come to me.

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