Saturday, September 2, 2017

Did about 1.9 miles but a different route

Judy and I changed our time of running and went north from 100th south. We were on the trail about 11 am. The shade temperature was in the mid 70s (F) when we left and was in the mid 80s when we returned. The temperature, of course, was higher in the sun, but it was cooler than it was during June and July. Because of our late start, there wasn't a lot of shade. Most of the trees along the river (Russian Olive trees) are on the left of the path and give good shade in the morning, but they give no shade in the afternoon.

I'm going pretty slow -- not a temperature for speed running. Of course, I'm slow in cooler temps, too. Getting old....

I carried three bottles of water but only used two of them. I was glad to take a gulp of water during my walking phases.

The following picture of Russian Olive trees was taken from the web.

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