Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Did About 1.95 miles

I added a bit to my run and did about 1.95 miles. I went north from 100th South and went until the trail split, at the south-west corner of the Sandy golf course building. On the way back, I met my wife who had been looking at the new homes. She turned around and went back with me. Thanks to the shorter days, actually the sun coming up later in the morning, there was quite a lot of shade on the path.

I got dizzy on the way back, and did more walking, and I was dizzy at home while I wrote this blog. The temperature was in the low 70s when we left home and in the low 80s after I got home. I didn't carry water with me, and that may have been part of the problem with my dizziness -- not enough water drunk during my run. I also hadn't eaten any breakfast, and lack of energy may have been part of the problem, although I didn't feel like I had lack of energy.

I saw a family of quail on the way back. It's interesting that the young quail are sticking with their mother, even though they are almost fully grown. I haven't seen the quail in our back yard for a few days, but I haven't been in the yard much, either.

I feel fine now. I've been drinking water since I got home, and I'm resting for a while.


  1. I plan to getting back at it in 1-2 weeks and I might start with small runs like yours.

    1. Hi Vic,

      I figure it's like going up stairs. Younger guys can do stairs two at a time, but it's easier for older guys to do one step at a time. This means that older guys or beginners do small increases in speed or distance so your body can adjust to the new tension. When I was younger I did longer runs, but now that I'm older, I do shorter runs.

  2. I had been running about 8 years before I did my first marathon. That is a long time to run before doing a marathon, but during the marathon, I had no problems with the distance, because my body was young (age 46)and able to absorb the stress, and my 8 years of running put me in great shape.

    I recommend that older runners or beginners of any age do shorter and slower runs to allow their bodies to get in shape. Even though one has run a lot in the past, if he/she has been away from running for quite a while, he/she should behave like a beginner to allow ones body to adjust to the stress of running. This way you can run without injury. I've been running for over 40 years and have had only one minor injury. That's a lot of running without injuries. No back or knee problems!