Thursday, September 21, 2017

Went about 1.95 miles

It was late evening when I went running. I went south from 100th South for about 0.97 miles and then I returned to 100th South. It wasn't dark when I ran, but it was dusk, meaning the sun was behind the Oquirrh Mountains but it wasn't dark yet. I felt pretty good and didn't get dizzy during my run. I rested a lot during the day and avoided cutting limbs from trees or mowing my lawns. Judy didn't go with me this time.

Just before I wrote this post, I checked outside and saw rain coming down. The Salt Lake City temperature is in the low 40s (F).

Yesterday, using my chain saw, I cut bigger limbs into shorter lengths, and we put the limbs in our Honda Accord so we could take them to Judy's sister who has a wood-burning stove and is collecting wood. We also put small limbs in plastic bags so they could be put in our garbage can. Both Judy and I were pretty tired when we finished, and we elected to not go running or walking last night.

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