Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Today was a heavy day and I did my 2.0 miles

The temperature was 41 (F) when I left home in the late afternoon. The sun was still higher than the Oquirrh  mountains, but there were long stretches of shade due to trees along the path. I wore a long-sleeved t-shirt (thick cotton) over my underwear, and I was cold for most of the run, but as I neared the parking lot on my way back, I felt warm since my body was generating enough heat that it overcame the cold temperatures. I had 3 layers over my torso and 2 layers on my arms and legs. My hands, though, were cold, because I didn't wear gloves or mittens. When I was younger, I didn't wear gloves or mittens until the temperature was about 15 degrees, but as I've gotten older, I've discovered that I need hand-warmers at higher temperatures. I guess I will wear gloves when the temperature during my run is in the 40s or below.

The path was mostly bare of people, but I did see a couple of walkers/runners and several cyclists.

In general, I don't wear cotton t-shirts, because cotton stops absorbing sweat after it gets damp, but in the winter time I do wear them. Cotton is a good insulator, if it is kept dry, and I don't sweat enough in cold weather such that sweat gets my t-shirts damp. Damp i-shirts and freezing weather don't mix, because the damp shirts freeze, and one ends up running with a big ice cube on his or her body. If I were running longer distances, I might not wear cotton t-shirts, because I would sweat more.

Click the following image, which was taken from the Internet, for a larger view (look at the pictures and large text and don't try to read the small text). Be sure the last layer is a wind breaker to stop the wind. I use an uninsulated layer of nylon (in a jacket) for my last layer. The jacket stops any wind but provides no warmth. I depend on other layers to provide heat-control. I dress light such that I'm cold in the beginning but feel fine after about 2 miles of distance. Other runners have chosen to dress with more layers such they feel fine at first but are too warm later on. As I get older, I may switch to the other method of wearing layers.

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