Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Another 2.4 mile heavy run

I just returned from my Wednesday heavy run and did another 2.4 miles. I didn't take any rest stops on the way out, but I took three brief stops on the way back. The temperature during my run was in the mid 50s (F), but the temperature should go down when snow arrives later this afternoon and this evening.

I mentioned in my previous post that a new bench had been installed in place of the wooden bench that had been next to the path, about 0.18 miles north of 106th South. I discovered today that all of the benches have been replaced with the new metal ones. I'm concerned that the metal benches will be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The old wooden benches, that had been constructed as part of Eagle Scout projects, probably required more maintenance than the new metal benches, due to water being absorbed by the wood, and maintenance costs may have been the motivating factor in the replacement of the benches. Also, the new benches have a back to them, which the wooden benches didn't have, and that is probably a plus, but the backs force people to face in a certain direction instead of giving people the choice of direction they face, and that is a minus in my view. Runners, walkers, and probably cyclists sit on the bench to get a brief rest and probably aren't interested in getting a view of the river. I am interested in facing the path, rather than the river, since that is where I run and walk, and I expect other runners, walkers, and cyclists have a similar attitude about facing the path. But, I don't make decisions about the benches, and I'm just glad the benches are there so I can take brief rest stops when I need such a rest.

The following photos, taken from the web, show the Parkway path with an old bench next to the path (1st photo) and a new bench next to the path (2nd photo) , although the new benches that I saw have a South Jordan logo in the center of the back. The new bench shown in the 2nd photo doesn't have this logo; also, the new bench shown in the photo doesn't have arm-rests.

 For those interested, the following text was taken from Wikipedia.

"The Jordan River Parkway is an approximately 40-mile (64 km) urban park that runs along the Jordan River within the U.S. state of Utah. The parkway follows along the river from Utah Lake in Utah County, through Salt Lake County and onto the Great Salt Lake in Davis County. The majority of a mixed-use trail has been completed with a shared-use path for cyclists, skaters, and joggers. A separate equestrian path runs on the southern portion of the trail. Many trail-heads, city and county parks and golf courses are also located along the parkway."

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