Saturday, December 9, 2017

Another light run to end the week

I left home after dark and did 1.7 miles on the Jordan River Parkway. There were two cars in the parking lot when I arrived, and I passed 2 people while going south from 100th South. I couldn't see them very well in the dark, but I said hello and they answered with voices from the dark. The cars were gone when I returned. The temperature was 32 (F) when I left and 30 when I returned. I wore 4 layers of clothing on my upper body (2 layers on my legs), and I wore my winter gloves (1/4 inch of wool covered with nylon). I felt warm all during the run. I'll probably go to 5 layers when the temperature gets down in the low 20s. I enjoy running in the cold as long as the path is free of ice, and there is no lightning.

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