Saturday, December 16, 2017

Did another heavy run of 2.2 miles but in the rec building

I drove to the South Jordan rec building and jogged and walked 22 laps around the indoor track, or about 2.2 miles. I run on the outside of the track, and the distance is a bit longer than 2.2 miles. It was cold with snow flurries outside, and I wasn't dressed for running outside. The snow flurries melted and there was little accumulation of snow on the ground. I used my jog:walk ratio of 80 seconds:60 seconds, as I've been doing on the Jordan River Parkway in recent weeks.

While I was doing my 22 laps, a woman who was running quite a bit faster than I was going, slowed down for a few seconds and said it was wonderful to see me going around the track. I guess I look older than I feel. Except for a loss of balance, I feel like I'm in my 70s.

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