Monday, December 4, 2017

Did a light day of 1.7 miles

Judy and I left in mid-day to run and walk along the Jordan River. The temperature was 34 (F), and I put on an extra layer (4 total) to keep warm. I felt fine during the jog and walk. The sky was overcast with just a sliver of sunlight here and there. I only saw one other runner on the path. I guess the ones I've seen in the past are waiting for warmer weather. When I was younger, I wore running shorts until the temperature went below freezing. I also didn't wear gloves until the temperature went below 15 (F) but not anymore. My hands got cold today, and I had on a pair of gloves. The gloves helped, but after about half an hour, my hands got cold.

I saw several cats along the path. I'm sure they were cold, but they live outside year around and are, hopefully, getting used to the cold. I didn't take any rest breaks going out or coming back. I think I'm getting used to the distance and do better than I did a few months ago.

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