Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Added a bit and did a heavy run of 2.9 miles

Using my usual route, I ran and walked to the bench that is at the south end of the large curve to the right that is just south of the bench that is 0.3 miles south of the tunnel under 106th South. The temperature was in the high 40s (F), and I felt fine during the run, although I took a lot of short rest breaks on the way back. Some of the breaks were sitting on benches and some were standing and leaning on the wooden rail that lines the path. I will need to do this distance several times before I add more to my distance. There is a bench not far from the East Pavilion, and that bench might make a good place to turnaround when I do add more to my distance. If I stop at that bench, my next stop will be the water fountain at the East Pavilion.

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