Saturday, January 6, 2018

Did another heavy run

I ran and walked for 2.6 miles today. It was sprinkling when I left home, and the light rain continued during my run. The temperature was 31 (F) when I left home. I wasn't sure how well my nylon windbreaker would keep me dry, so I put on another shirt to absorb any water that made it through the windbreaker. When I got home, I removed the windbreaker and felt the running shirt that I had been wearing to absorb moisture. The long sleeves of the shirt seemed dry, but the shirt around the collar seemed a bit damp. It's been a couple of years since I sprayed Silicone on my windbreaker, and I think I need to spray the jacket and my running pants again.

I saw two other runners on the path today. As I expected, there were no other runners, walkers, skaters, or cyclists on the path. Instead of being hard-core about their exercise, those folks who were not on the path today seem to be fair-weather folks, enjoying being out when it is dry but staying inside during rain storms. I think today was a great day for being outside. I wore enough layers to be warm during my run, and I protected myself from the rain by wearing a windbreaker and a hat. The secret of success is wearing what is needed for the conditions that exist.

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