Monday, January 8, 2018

Did a light run of 1.9 miles

Rain was forecast for late afternoon and this evening, so Judy and I went jogging and walking about 1 pm, going south from 100th South. The sky was partially cloudy when we left home (the temperature was in the mid 30s (F)) but was overcast when we returned home. I didn't see other runners on the path, and I only saw a couple of walkers.

It's 5 pm now, and the rain hasn't started yet.

During the morning, I took the vacuum pump apart that is used with our freeze-dryer and cleaned the insides of the pump. The small window, that is used to measure the amount of oil in the pump, was cloudy and obscured the level of oil in the pump, and I sprayed the inside of the window and wiggled the pump cover to clean the window. I cleaned the dirty oil from inside the pump, and I put the pump together and put the correct amount of filtered oil in the pump. The pump is now ready for use, and I'm waiting until Judy has prepared the food to be freeze-dried. It takes about 24-30 hours for a batch of food to be processed, and high electric usage happens during that time.

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