Monday, February 12, 2018

Added a bit and did a light run of 2.3 miles

When I left home, the temperature was 41 (F), and the sky was cloudy. However, the sun came out during my run, and the temperature when I finished was in the high 40s. I enjoyed myself and felt pretty good during the run. I saw several runners on the path, and I also saw two men with dogs walking the dirt road that parallels the asphalt path. In addition, I saw two or three cyclists. A 5-10 mph south wind was blowing, and I was glad to have a gentle push on the way back. In addition to the 0.1 miles added to the run, I increased the steps during my walking phase to 70. That is, the actual number of steps was 140, but I only count when my left foot hits the ground.

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