Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I added a bit of distance and did a light run of 2.2 miles

The temperature during my run was in the mid 40s (F), and I enjoyed being out. I continued with my new running and walking phases, doing 110 steps of running and 60 steps of walking, or about 88 seconds of running and 60 seconds of walking. I saw quite a few walkers with their dogs, and, strangely, they were all on the dirt road that parallels the Parkway path. The dirt road is slightly softer than the asphalt path, and I guess the walkers didn't have the more expensive shoes to cushion against the impact of their feet and the asphalt path. I do all my running on the path, and my wife does all her walking on the dirt road. My shoes do a good job of cushioning my feet.

I took my nylon running jacket off on my way back, because I was starting to sweat. However, as soon as I stopped doing my stretches after my run, I put the jacket back on while walking to my car. My body didn't create much heat while walking to my car, and I felt the cold. The wind was still blowing, and my nylon jacket acted as a good wind-breaker.

People following this blog will realize that all of my 44 years of running have been with relatively small increases in distance or speed. This is the major reason I have been relatively free of injuries during the 44 years. I try to give my body sufficient time and rest to recover from a stressful run. Today was about a 4% increase in distance. I used to do 10% increases, but as I get older I'm doing smaller increases. I'm also running heavy and light runs to give my body more time for recovery.

Today is a new high for the month in my solar-power generation. The longer days and lack of clouds are showing up in more solar power

The following picture was taken from the web but shows what the sky was like today. A nice, Spring day, although trees and bushes haven't gone green yet.

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