Friday, March 16, 2018

Did 2.6 miles for a light workout.

I went to the bench, in the midst of trees, that is 0.3 miles from 106th South. Not many people were on the path, since today is a work day. There were only two cars in the parking lot at 100th South when I entered the lot, but when I left the lot there were quite a few cars in the lot. There was a 10-15 MPH gusty wind blowing from the south that made it more difficult to go south, but it was nice on the way back to have a tail-wind. I felt pretty good during my run. I currently am going 3.5 miles on my heavy runs and 2.6 miles on my light runs. I need to repeat these distances a few times to get used to them. There was a lot of sun during my run, and the sun felt good.

There was a lot of water, from recent rains, under 106th South. I waded through the water. The water was deeper than previous water, and my feet got wet but quickly dried out when I was on the dry path again, although my socks were still wet when I took them off later in the day; I didn't have any abrasions from the wet socks. I've waded through large puddles before with no problems occurring. My socks are synthetic and don't absorb a lot of moisture. Cotton socks would soak in more water and probably would rub on my feet and cause blisters.

There is rain and snow forecast for tomorrow, so I went out today.


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