Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Did a medium run of 1.5 hours (2.2 miles)

I've decided I should change to time rather than distance for determining the length of my runs. I like to go by distance when the distance is small and by time when the distance gets longer. The advantage of going by time rather than distance is if I feel fine I might go faster and get more distance in the time allocated. If I feel tired, I might go slower and get less distance in the time allocated, but I do my allotted time in either case.

My goals now are as follows.
  1. Monday/Tuesday: Rest run of 1 hour
  2. Wednesday/Thursday: Medium run of 1.5 hours
  3. Friday/Saturday: Long run of 2.0 hours
That will give me 4.5 hours of running weekly, corresponding to 6 or 7 miles of running. Instead of cycling between heavy and light runs, I am choosing and limiting the length of the runs on a weekly basis. I am still running 3 times per week.

The times listed above are are pretty close to the times I've been running, although in the past I've gone by distance and used the heavy/light rotation of runs.

I did my 1.5 hours, but I felt tired during the run. Not quite as tired as I was on Monday but still tired. I reached the bench which is 0.3 miles south of 106th South. There was a gusty headwind of 20-25 mph blowing from the south, and this wind made it difficult to go very fast on the way out. It was nice, though, to have the wind as a tailwind on the way back. Quite a few people were on the path today, especially cyclists. The temperature was in the mid 50s (F). I wore my nylon wind breaker (jacket) which protected me from the wind, although I took it off for the last quarter mile because I was getting too warm. After I got back home, I dozed in my car for half an hour before I went in the house.

Tomorrow and Friday I will be in the hospital in Riverton getting scanned for Prostate cancer. Then I will be back on the trail on Saturday, hopefully.

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