Monday, March 26, 2018

Did a rest run of 1 hour (2.0 miles)

I went out running about 2 pm. We had had a lot of sun during the morning, and I assumed there would be a lot of sun during my run. However, the sky became cloudy, and it looked like rain would occur. There was a gusty wind of 10-15 mph coming from the north, and I had my wind breaker on to help avoid the effect of the wind. Since this was a north wind, I had a tail wind on the way to 106th South (it was nice to have the wind "push" me, but it was a head wind on the way back, and, even though I wore 4 layers, I was cold. The temperature was in the mid 40s (F), but the wind chill was lower than that. However, during the last half-mile of my run, there was a lot of sun, for which I was grateful. I had left my gloves in my car, and my hands, during the last half of the run, were cold; I placed my hands in my jacket pockets during the walking phase of my run.

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